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Plan Moncure Documents
& Work Products 

Board of Commissioners Meeting, October 16, 2023

Final Plan Moncure Presentation to BOC (10-16-23)

Update to Board of Commissioners, June 5, 2023

BOC Update Presentation (6-5-23)

Scenario "Office Hour" June 1, 2023


Meeting Recording 

Passcode: ??d2Mk#7

Community Open House #2, May 24, 2023
Possible Scenarios for Discussion

Scenario A

Scenario B

Scenario C 

Scenario D 

Side-by-Side Comparison of Scenarios A-D 

Capital Projects - Scenarios A-D 


Response to Questions Presented at April 27th Community Listening Session

Presentation from Open House #2 (May 24, 2023)

Community Open House #1, March 21, 2023
Community Listening Session, April 27, 2023

Other Documents

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