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The Plan Moncure Small Area Plan

The Plan Moncure Small Area Plan is a priority project of the Chatham County Board of Commissions, which it initiated upon the announcement of the VinFast plant on the eastern side of the Triangle Innovation Point (TIP) site in March of 2022.


The County’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan – Plan Chatham – provided that such a “small area plan” would be created upon the occupancy of the first major tenant at the TIP site.


An action plan, public engagement strategy, and project schedule for Plan Moncure was led by the County’s UDO consulting Team, White & Smith Planning and Law Group, during the second half of 2022. “Phase 1” efforts resulted in the “Phase 1 Assessment and Action Plan,” which can be downloaded by clicking here.

This website is dedicated to “phase two,” development of a small area plan for Moncure and surrounding regions.  Plan Moncure is running concurrently with ReCode Chatham, which involves the development of the Chatham County Unified Development Ordinance (the “UDO”).  Click here to be directed to the ReCode Chatham project site.  Plan Moncure is anticipated to be completed around August of 2023.  Click here for an overview of the Plan Moncure project, timeline, and study areas.


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Join us on March 21 for a Community Open House and Listening Session.  

Plan Moncure News & Updates
First two Community Listening Sessions announced!
February 2023

Join our community listening sessions on Feb 21 and March 21 in Moncure.


On February 21, 2023, we will hold informal drop-in sessions at the Moncure Fire Station with the Plan Moncure consultant team.  Three (3) listening sessions will be conducted that afternoon, at 12:30, 2:00, and 5:30 pm.  The Fire Station is at 2389 Old US Highway 1 at the intersection of Old U.S. 1 and Pea Ridge Road.  Please stop in at one of these times to give us your input and to allow us to answer your questions. 


On March 21, 2023, the team will conduct its second public listening session in Moncure, with an open house from 4:30 to 7:30 at the Moncure School.  The consultant team will repeat a brief presentation two times during the open house, with the remainder of the time set aside for one-on-one, informal discussions with the team experts and the public.  The Moncure School is located at 600 Moncure School Road.

Plan Moncure Task 2 Analyses Underway!
February 2023

In January, the County’s consultants began a series of analyses of the Moncure Study Area and beyond related to market trends, land use, transportation, utilities, and historical and environmental features in the southeastern part of Chatham County.  This initial stage allows the Project Team to better understand the existing conditions of the community today.  The following is a brief explanation of work pertaining to several topics that is underway.


Land Use / Development – An assessment of existing and potential future land use begins with an examination of the existing development pattern. The Project Team is examining the existing development patterns to prepare a map of existing land use, generate a breakdown of the amount of land devoted to each land use category, and compare those percentages to the percentage of the tax base each one represents. The assessment includes a determination of the area’s capacity for new development by mapping the supply of developable land and then conducting a suitability analysis to define the parcels most suitable for different types of development: residential, commercial, and industrial. 


Market Conditions – A market assessment is being conducted to determine the number of people and households that could be added to the study area over time and, more specifically, the amount of housing units by type that could be reasonably located in the Moncure area, if permitted. It will also provide projections for nonresidential uses, including industrial, office, retail, restaurant, and lodging uses. Employment growth trends and projected job growth in the Moncure area will also be noted. The experience of a few US communities that have experienced a similar type of major economic development investment will also be summarized.

Environment – An analysis of environmental resources and features will help create an initial, conceptual framework of “green infrastructure” to be considered for conservation. The inventory considered may include but is not limited to the following: water resources, wetlands, floodplains, regulated buffers, threatened and endangered species habitats that have been documented in the Natural Heritage Inventory (NHI), and protected lands [Federal lands (i.e., ACOE-managed land around Jordan Lake), State-maintained lands, County parks (including nature preserves), and private conservation easements].

Historic & Cultural Assets – Many of the properties and sites within the study area are valued as historic and cultural resources. Working with County staff and stakeholders, the Project Team will help define the inventory of such assets and map each of them using available data.

Utility Infrastructure – The utility system analysis will examine existing and planned water and sewer capacity in the Moncure area. The analysis will provide a baseline so that a general estimate of future demand and related needs for additional system capacity required to satisfy that demand can be calculated later in the planning process.

Transportation Infrastructure – Connectivity, accessibility, safety, and capacity are among the aspects of the transportation network that are being assessed in the initial stage of the planning process. Available data and plans are being compiled and reviewed to assess current and anticipated deficiencies in the network. Various modes (personal vehicles, commercial vehicles, freight/rail, aviation, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit) will be evaluated. Both funded and proposed transportation improvements (by NCDOT, MPO, RPO, and others) will be considered to generally understand the potential impacts on the study area. These analyses will provide starting point assumptions and a fact-based baseline from which the small area plan will be developed.  The following describes the nature of these Task 2 analyses.

Plan Moncure Phase 1 Completed
December 2022

On December 19, 2022, the Board of Commissioners completed the first phase of Plan Moncure, which included a subject matter assessment, visioning process, and development of an action plan for Plan Moncure.  The Phase One tab within the Plan Moncure drop down menu above details the history of Phase 1. 

The final report from Phase 1 is posted under the "Plan Moncure Documents” tab within the Plan Moncure drop down menu above. Chapter 4 of the report details the approach to be taken in Phase 2, including the adopted Action Plan.  

That Action Plan details the framework and timeline for Phase 2.  See the “Plan Moncure Project” tab within the Plan Moncure drop down menu above for an illustration of the Action Plan. 
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